Thursday, March 31, 2011

High Heels & Combat Boots

High Heels and Combat Boots by Ashlee Doris
When you're involved with someone in the military it means you don't have much say when to go on vacation or where to live or when you see your significant other says Army spouse Aracely Jimenes-Hendricks. She adds "It's not easy and it's not like the show Army Wives"
It's not an easy task; there are many military girlfriends and wives stationed throughout the United States and foreign bases. Their job is keeping the home fires burning and keeping their families together while their solider is away. For wives on base according to Queen Waddell, the center coordinator for the USO of Metropolitan Washington, there are lot of programs for wives such as the Enlisted and Officer's Wives Club but for girlfriends who don't hold military ids there are some public events to try to ease deployments and new military stress. One of the most popular programs is the Hearts Apart program done by the USO, which is open to both wives and girlfriends.
Stacey Graves, military girlfriend said that the difference between what the military provides for wives over girlfriends is noticeable like sometimes not being acknowledged by the military as his girlfriend. But the common thing is the fear that deployments bring, Stacey's fear is if he's coming home  in one piece which is shared between wives and girlfriends, but as she views his involvement in the military as something that would make them stronger as a couple and as individuals.
Mrs. Jimenes-Hendricks states that there are lots of programs on base to give and get support during deployments and just being comfortable with the military because nothing really prepares you for being a military significant other. And despite the misconception that the show Army Wives shows solder’s as almost having a 9-5 job when the truth is the military controls your life and they aren't being paid a lot or have tons of vacation time or benefits. Being a military spouse is job and sometimes you aren't acknowledge for what you do and sometimes it's lonely but the thing that keeps you going is love so in turn you can support and keep the home fires burning for the one you love.

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