Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behind the Pen

Behind the Pen by Ashlee Doris

“It's always a challenge to ask the right and important questions.” Lori Potter, a reporter for the Kearney Hub in Nebraska say when asked what is the hardest thing about being a journalist, “Accuracy is important”

Ms. Potter has been in the journalism field for 25 years and is a member of the National Organization of Press Women. In her years of providing news for the Hub, Ms. Potter who is a believer “rural folks are just as interested in and deserving of good journalism as anyone else” and that’s what she provides. She uses her skill with photo journalism and reporting referring to herself as a 'professional note-taker' she delivers stories to the area she's close to.

From her experiences in the journalism world she's seen the differences between older editors and new ones, where older editors used to view female reports only good enough to be “society editors” to where now there are more opportunity and chances for “women journalist to fully use their talents and answer their calling in whatever field they choose.”

Female journalist have come a long way from 30-40 years ago when women were treated differently we've come a long way. Now that the average percentage of women journalist is 38% which means journalism and feminism are taking a step toward equality. Especially since ten years ago a study done by IFJ, International Federation of Journalist study showed the statistics for female journalist at 27%. With the numbers on the rise and organizations like National Organization of Press Women and Journalism & Women, they'll be another of generation with support of the last making full use of their talents in the field they choose.

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